About Feel The Universe.

Feel the Universe is much more than a card company. Held by Sergio Roca Martínez and based in Valencia, Spain, Feel the Universe tries to bring you a cardistry and magic life style. 



  • Winter 2014

    One light in the darkness

    The first idea of combinig both, cosmology and cards came out. One misterious deck started being designed by Sergio Roca

  • Summer 2016

    A new deck is born

    After two years of a lot of work, Odyssey Playing Cards are funded on Kickstarter reaching almost the 200% of the goal.

  • Summer 2017

    The best travel time partner

    Odyssey First Edition is nominated for the Deck Of The Year 2016. A new edition, Odyssey Boreal is the result of one year trying to create something different to every deck of cards in this world but maintaining the essence of Odyssey and Feel the Universe.

  • Autumn 2017

    More than decks of cards

    2018 comes with new products. Some high quality t-shirts, vinyls, stickers and much more just landed on Feel The Universe ;)

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